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What programs are available to reduce property taxes?

The State of New Jersey offers two programs; one for Senior and Disabled and one for Veterans. Each deduction reduces taxes by $250.00 per year.
There is also an exemption for disable Veterans where the disability was caused by their service in the armed forces.
Veterans must be honorably discharged from the armed forces, own the property for which the deduction is being sought, and have an active service time of war. Applications are available at the Tax Collector’s office, Tax Assessor’s office and online at Widow(er)s may also the claim the deduction.

Disable Veterans may request an exemption from property tax payment.
Applications are available in the tax Assessor’s office, the Tax Collector’s Office and online at Restrictions apply.

Senior Citizens must be 65 years old and reside in the property for which the deduction is being sought and meet income requirements. The annual income (including spouse/civil union partner combined) will not exceed $10,000 after a permitted exclusion of Social Security Benefits, or Federal Government Retirement/Disability Pension or State, County, Municipal Government. Widow(er)s of eligible seniors may claim the deduction as well, if certain criteria are met. Disabled citizens must meet the criteria for Seniors, except for age. They must be receiving Social Security disability payments.

The State of New Jersey offers two programs; Homestead Rebate and Property Tax Reimbursement (blue booklet). These programs are contingent upon the State budget. These forms are available online at

The Homestead Rebate is offered to seniors and to those whose income is below a set level.

The Property Tax Reimbursement program (senior freeze or blue book) is for Seniors age 65 or over or disabled persons who have resided in New Jersey for at least ten years and in the same residence for the last three years. There are income requirements. You must prove that you paid your taxes for the prior year by sending proof of payment or by the Tax Collector completing a form included in your booklet. New applications are available in the Tax Collector’s office or by calling the number below.

You may call 1-8888-238-1233 with questions on the Homestead Rebate, or 1-877-223-1312 for the Property Tax Reimbursement Program.

Jo Ann Watson, Tax Collector
(856)-783-0284 (Ext. 115)