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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Office Extensions

Call: 856-783-0284
Fax: 856-783-3419

    • Miles Dumbleton – Code Enforcement Officer, Commercial, Residential and Rental Properties – ext. 127


The Code Enforcement Office works to maintain the standards set forth in the Borough Codes, for residential property maintenance, commercial operations and property maintenance, housing inspections, animal control and zoning ordinances.

The Code Enforcement Officer responds to and investigates resident complaints.


Each reported violation will result in an investigation by Code Enforcement. The investigation begins with a site inspection to determine if a violation exists. When it is found that a violation exists a written notice of the violation is left at the location, a notice is mailed to the violator warning that the violation must be corrected within fifteen days, a follow-up investigation is conducted at the conclusion of the fifteen days, and a summons or mandatory court appearance summons is issued if the violation has not been corrected. Repeat offenders or habitual code violations may result in the immediate issuance of a summons or mandatory court appearance summons.


      • Dogs and cats over the age of 7 months must be licensed
      • Dogs are prohibited from running at large
      • Pet waste must be cleaned-up immediately
      • Feeding wildlife is prohibited
      • Dogs are prohibited on recreation areas

Certificate of Occupancy

      • Certificate required for sales and rentals

Fire Lanes

      • Parking or leaving vehicle unattended is prohibited

Trash and Litter

      • Trash for collection is not to be placed curb side more than 12 hours before collection day
      • Empty trash containers are to be removed from curb side after collection and stored out of sight of the general public
      • All properties must maintain collection and storage
      • Trash must be containerized
      • Unlawful to store bulk household waste
      • Dumpster lids must be kept closed
      • Overflowing dumpsters are unlawful

Noise and Odor

      • Excessive barking of dogs is unlawful
      • Unnecessary noise disturbing neighborhood is prohibited
      • Emitted odor or fumes detrimental to health or property is unlawful

Sidewalk/Street Obstruction

      • Unlawful to obstruct sidewalk, street or public place with any kind of wood, lumber, crates, stone, dirt, vehicle or other thing

Property Maintenance

      • Unlawful for the storage or collection of unsightly junk
      • Junk constituting health hazard or attractive nuisance is prohibited
      • Unlawful to park motor vehicles on front lawn
      • Unregistered or dismantled are prohibited in residential areas
      • Vacant properties must be maintained
      • Grass and weeds must be maintained during growing season
      • Unlawful to store a n abandoned refrigerator outdoors
      • Exterior of buildings must be maintained in good repair, structurally sound and sanitary

Snow Removal

      • The owner or owners, occupant or occupants, tenant or tenants of abutting or bordering upon any street in the Borough shall remove all snow and ice from abutting sidewalks of such street or; in the case ice which may be so frozen as to make removal impracticable, shall cause the same to be thoroughly covered with sand, salt or other suitable material within 12 hours of daylight after same shall fall or be formed.
      • Throwing or placing snow or ice upon streets is prohibited


    • Fire lane parking is prohibited
    • It shall be unlawful to park any motor vehicle exceeding 10,000 pounds registered gross weight or motor vehicle with more than one rear axle on a street at any time between the hours of 8:00pm and 7:00am
    • It shall be unlawful to park any truck or commercial vehicle exceeding 20000 pounds registered gross weight or more than one rear axle in a residential zone
    • Unlawful to park a School Vehicle Type 1 in a residential area